Have you ever wondered where you dreams come from?
Secret Monster Society

The Secret Monster Society is a comedy adventure game in the vain of 'Monkey Island' and 'Day of the Tentacle'. Play as Blithe Dalrich, a dream monster of the ‘Underworld’, who with the help of his best friend Aphonic, embarks on an epic adventure to sunny Caribbean islands, creepy cursed forests, and snow covered mountains, all in the hopes of stopping an evil genius from destroying the world. Meet a host of memorable characters, and wield the ability of time travel to solve fun and engaging puzzles.

An 8 hours story told over 4 chapters, with each chapter increasing in difficulty and length.
Set in an imaginative world of monsters and creatures, the story entices exploration, conversation and puzzle solving.
Over one hundred characters to converse with, all of whom has been professionally acted for a memorable experience.
Travel through time to solve devilishly challenging puzzles.
Beautifully rendered art and animation, all of which has been hand-drawn in HD.
Over one hundred puzzles and challenges to solve and enjoy.
Appropriate for all ages.